Soil Health Lab specializes in comprehensive soil testing and agricultural research, working with Canadian growers to improve soil sustainability and optimize crop production. 

Since the founding of Alpha Agri in 2001 we have grown through research and trialing. We believe that research is central to our company and that “knowledge put into action” is the best way forward. As we have grown we have dedicated resources to do farm trials with clients, dealers and our own research property. In the fall of 2014 it was decided to conduct our own farm research dedicated to corn and soy production.

The information we gather will further help growers use products more effectively and economically.

Why test your soil’s health?

Do you know how well your soil could sustain plant life without intervention? The health of your soil is measured in a variety of ways: its ability to produce and maintain a healthy crop, its capacity to absorb and hold moisture, as well as how it cycles nutrients and resists erosion or compaction.

To achieve ideal, sustainable soil health, its physical, chemical and biological properties must be in balance with each other. The most common field soil test focuses solely on the chemical, however soil testing which measures all three properties will help all growers make better economical and ecologically-sustainable decisions.

Soil Health Lab (SHL) is a division of Alpha Agri and is dedicated to;

1) Development of new products
2) Develop new and improved methods of using products
3) Administer and process Soil One™ analysis
4) Conduct field trials at Alpha Agri research farm