The goal of the Alpha Agri Soil Health Lab (SHL), in collaboration with SGS Lab and Woods End Laboratories is to provide a grower with ample information to maintain or make long term improvements to the health and sustainability of their soil. The Soil One™ Report from SHL will present the status of a soil’s physical, chemical and biological components, all of which are key interrelated elements driving the viability, productivity, and sustaining abilities of that soil.  

Alpha Agri Soil Health: “To maintain or improve the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil, and to maintain plant health and productivity with minimal human effort.”

What is soil health?
Balancing biological, physical, chemical properties to optimize crop production and soil sustainability

SoilOne™ is the first comprehensive, cost-effective soil health testing package for Canadian farmers. The initial test will provide you with a soil health baseline. Continue SoilOne™ testing every 3-5 years to create your own sustainability graph. 
By combining on-site observations with measurements taken from the charts below, we will determine your soil’s overall health by rating it out of 100.


Additional tests available upon request for:
Mycorrhizal infection rate, Nematode presence, Pathogenic Fungi and other chemical analyses.

SoilOne™ can be used as an indication of the potential for improvement of your soil. SHL is not responsible for recommendations, only a Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) is qualified to make best management recommendations.